Queering Authoritarianisms: Conflict, Resistance, and Coloniality

This interdisciplinary conference will bring together scholars and activists working on and campaigning against authoritarianisms and right-wing attacks on democracy through a queer perspective. By queering authoritarianisms, we mean making visible LGBTIQ+ lives and politics which resist authoritarian and undemocratic politics. However, we also rest on the ambiguity and potential that ‘queer’ has to offer. Following the Keynote Discussion with the participation of Dr Rahul Rao (Keynote) and Professor Jasbir Puar (Response), there will be four academic sessions on themes such as ‘Queer and Conflict’, ‘The Gendered and Sexual Politics of Authoritarianisms’, 'Authoritarianisms Caught in the Web: Queer Digital Activisms' and ‘Decolonising Sexualities’ in addition to workshops including ‘writing amidst conflict’ and ‘transnational LGBTIQ+ activisms and care’. We intend for this conference to initiate fruitful conversations and intersectional solidarities among academics, activists, and academic activists.

A note from the convenors

Our conference will bring about fruitful debates, productive tensions, and an environment in which we can learn from one another. In the workshops, for example, we will discuss the politics of writing amidst conflict. In panels, such as ‘decolonising sexualities’, we will explore the intertwined nature of politics, coloniality, and sexualities. All in all, we are thoroughly excited to be organising this conference!